Zoning Board of Appeals

There is hereby established a Zoning Board of Appeals (herein referred to as the “Board”), which shall perform its duties and exercise its power as provided for in this Ordinance and the City and Village Zoning Act, Public Act 207 of 1921, as amended, in such a way that the objectives of this Ordinance shall be served, public health, safety and welfare protected and substantial justice done.

There are two positions open on the ZBA. If interested, and a Village resident, please contact the Village Clerk's Office at 586-784-9151.

The Zoning Board of Appeals responsibilities include:

  • Hearing appeals of administrative decisions
  • Interpretation of zoning district boundaries
  • Interpretation of zoning ordinance provisions
  • Making determinations on nonconforming land use
  • Authorizing variances to the zoning ordinance