SRF Project Plan Updates: This amendment Number One has been prepared by ROWE Professional Services Company to revise the original project plan prepared by Giffels Webster, submitted on June 30, 2016, to reflect the currently proposed improvements at the WWTP.

ROWE conducted a preliminary site investigation and met with the company who operates the plant, the Sewer Commissioner, and villages staff to discuss the concerns and current needs. Based on this evaluation and the input provided, we have prepared this amendment to the project plan. The selected alternative for the improvements, which we label as 1.A varies from the original selected Alternative 1 as follows:

1. Complete replacement of the Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) system components including the control system.

2. Addition of a tertiary filter.

3. Improvements to the sludge holding tank and sludge storage tank mixing and pumping systems.

4. Elimination of work completed by the Village as maintenance projects, including the HVAC system replacement at the Headworks Building, and several other repairs.

5. Elimination of repairs to the collection system, except for renovations to the Colonial Road pumping station.