Section 7.03              Swimming Pools

*All swimming pools require review by the Village Building Department*

A.  Pools and any associated deck and fencing shall not be located within any required front yard.  The outside edge of a pool wall
      or perimeter of pool decking shall be set back a minimum of ten feet (10') from all adjacent property lines.  The outside edge 
      of a pool wall shall be set back a minimum of ten feet (10') from adjacent structures.

B.  For the protection of the general public, all swimming pools shall be completely enclosed by a minimum four foot (4') high
      fence or other means of access control.  Above ground pools with a minimum height of four feet (4') may have gates,
      removable or swing-up steps or other means to limit entry in lieu of a fence.

C.  All electrical installations or wiring in connection with swimming pools, shall conform to the provisions of the State Electrical
      Code.  If service drop conductors or other utility wires cross under or over a proposed pool area, the applicant shall make
      satisfactory arrangements with the utility involved for the relocation thereof before a permit shall be issued for the
      construction of a swimming pool.  No portion of a swimming pool or associated structure shall be permitted to encroach   
      upon any easement or right-of-way which has been granted for public utility use.  A no-fault ground unit should be     
      provided protect against electrical shock.