Village Code of Ordinances states in Section 32-8, Clearing of snow and ice:
(a) The occupant of every lot or premises adjoining any street, or the owner of such lot or premises if the same are not occupied, shall clear all ice and snow from sidewalks adjoining such lot or premises within the time herein required.  When any snow or ice shall cease to fall during the daylight hours, such snow or ice shall  be cleared from the sidewalks within twelve (12) hours after such cessation.  When a fall of snow or ice shall have ceased during the nighttime, it shall be cleared from the sidewalks by 9:00 p.m. of the day following.

Village Code of Ordinances stated in Section 31-17, Placing snow in streets:
(a) It shall be unlwaful for any person to remove snow from private property and deposit it upon any roadway, alley or sidewalk of the Village except when the person has contracted with the Villaage for the removal of the snow and has paid the Village the cost of such removal.  The contracting, supervision, cost and method of removal shall be determined from time to time by the Village Council.